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Colorescience UK - Pressed Face Powder Foundation with SPF 20
Colorescience UK - Pressed Face Powder Foundation with SPF 20

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More about our reef-safe biodegradable sunscreen


As we learn more about the environmental effects of everyday products that we enjoy, it is important that we all do as much as possible to help keep the planet clean. Colorescience is doing its part to help by developing a range of reef-safe biodegradable sunscreen for UK customers who are mindful of the environment.


There is no reason why old chemical-based sunscreens are still such a popular product after so many advancements in the science behind it. Browse through the various biodegradable sunscreens we have on offer and continue reading to find out more about why you should make the switch.


What brand of sunscreen is biodegradable?

A product is considered to be biodegradable if it will break down and decompose by natural causes, which eliminates the need for waste disposal, landfills, or contamination of the waterways. When it comes to sunscreen, it's the waterways that we need to be concerned about. Various chemicals from traditional types of sunscreen can find their way into the marine environment, polluting the water and affecting the ecosystem in many ways.

 On the other hand, biodegradable sunscreen is a product that has been specifically developed to be as clean as possible. The Colorescience range of reef-safe biodegradable sunscreen UK does not contain the common chemicals in traditional sunscreens that are harmful to coral reefs and marine life. The harmful chemicals that we leave out of our products are actually banned in many areas of the world already, with more soon to follow, so it makes sense to switch to a safer alternative.


Is zinc sunscreen biodegradable?


The minerals that we use in our products, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are naturally-occurring and non-polluting. That's not what makes a sunscreen biodegradable though. The problem with non-biodegradable sunscreens, even the ones that contain zinc, is that they also contain a whole bunch of harmful chemicals that are not biodegradable and that will pollute the environment.


In short, the answer is yes, our zinc sunscreens are biodegradable but products from other brands may not be. If you're not sure whether your current kind of sunscreen is biodegradable or reef-safe, then it probably isn't. Do some research online or simply choose Colorescience products for our dedication to a cleaner planet and healthier skin.


Make the switch today with either our brush-on powder or the cream formulation, both with SPF 50 protection. We also have a few kits and other goodies that will keep your skin healthy and protected with the power of minerals.