Fragrance Free Sunscreen

Colorescience UK - Pressed Face Powder Foundation with SPF 20
Colorescience UK - Pressed Face Powder Foundation with SPF 20

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More about our fragrance free sunscreen


When it comes to the fragrances added to most traditional sunscreens, it's not just the smell that can be obnoxious – they could also be harming the health of your skin. That seems counterproductive to us, so the team here at Colorescience UK decided to make fragrance free sunscreen that will actually help protect your skin without leaving you smelling like the local florist.


These products have up to SPF 50 protection, so you're not losing any effectiveness when you lose the fragrance. If that sounds like a good deal to you so far, then read on because there is more to know about finding a good sunscreen.


What dangerous ingredients are in sunscreen?


Most traditional types of sunscreen that you can still buy today are using chemicals to act as a barrier against UV radiation. On the other hand, mineral-based products such as the fragrance free sunscreen available here are using natural minerals such as zinc which act as a physical barrier.


So, in simple terms, our mineral sunscreens sit on the surface of the skin to physically block UV rays, while chemical-based sunscreens absorb and dissipate the radiation.


The harmful chemicals in traditional sunscreens are not limited to fragrances. Here is a list of some widespread chemicals to avoid:

  • Oxybenzone
  • Octinoxate
  • Octisalate
  • Octocrylene
  • Homosalate


Now, you can carefully read the label of every sunscreen available to you, or you can choose Colorescience UK for our dedication to safe and effective skincare products. We have done the research and we stand behind all of our products.


Why are Colorescience fragrance free sunscreens beneficial for my skin?


Unscented sunscreens are great for a variety of reasons. Some people simply don't like the smell of most sunscreens, and they would rather be more natural or just apply their own favourite scent separately.


However, the biggest reason to choose fragrance free sunscreen, and Colorescience products, in particular, is that we also leave out all of the other harmful chemicals that you may be exposed to with other brands.


These chemicals have been shown to penetrate the skin in clinical studies, and the true extent of the problems they cause is not yet known. We do know that these chemicals often cause allergic reactions and can even interfere with hormones, so there really is no reason to continue using them.


Instead, try one of our mineral-based products today and see how you like it. Our sunscreens in powder or cream formulations are very popular because they are effective and gentle on the skin.