Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen

Sunscreen Containing Titanium Dioxide


We have witnessed a lot of changes in the world of makeup and skincare over the years. Many ingredients have come and gone, either because they were ineffective or unsafe, and then there are some ingredients such as natural minerals that have stood the test of time.


Titanium dioxide is one of those natural minerals, and it is a great UV protector which is used in many of our products here at Colorescience. Take your pick of the titanium dioxide sunscreens available here, or read on to discover what the fuss is all about.


What is titanium dioxide used for?


In cosmetics and skincare, titanium dioxide can be used for a variety of reasons. It thickens and adds lubrication to liquid products, which allows them to be applied in smaller amounts while still providing smooth coverage. This mineral can also be used for whitening, although advancements in the refining process allow us to create an almost invisible titanium dioxide sunblock that blends in to your natural skin tone.


Titanium dioxide, when used in sunscreen, works similarly to zinc oxide sunscreens and you will often find these two minerals paired together in varying amounts to create mineral sunscreens.


Both of these mineral actives give products their UV protection properties without the need for the harsh chemicals you would usually find in traditional sunscreens. It works by forming a lightweight physical barrier on the surface of the skin that bounces off UV rays, instead of a chemical-based sunscreen which penetrates the skin.


What is titanium dioxide sunscreen?


Simply put, it is a type of sunscreen that uses titanium dioxide as an active ingredient, as opposed to the chemical actives in traditional sunscreen. As mentioned above, titanium dioxide is usually paired with zinc oxide to increase the amount of UV protection.


Titanium dioxide sunscreen is also great for people with sensitive or irritated skin who simply can't use traditional sunscreens without making their skin feel even worse. There are very few reported cases of adverse reactions to mineral sunscreens compared to the usual suspects on the sunscreen shelf.


It is important to note that you do not have to lose any protection by switching to a titanium sunscreen. All of the sunscreens you see here have at least SPF 30, which is already good, and we also offer SPF 50 from either the total protection brush-on powder or our liquid sunscreen. So, try the more natural approach with a mineral-based sunscreen and see what it can do for you.