Zinc Oxide Mineral Makeup, Sunscreens & Cosmetics

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Zinc oxide sunscreen has been popular for decades, but now it's not just the humble sunscreen that benefits from this powerful ingredient. Colorescience has developed a range of products from foundations and bronzers to pigment perfectors and, of course, our very own sunscreens in brush-on powder and cream formulations.


But before you rush off to order something nice for yourself, perhaps you would be interested in hearing a little more about what zinc oxide is exactly and how it can be so beneficial as an ingredient in makeup, sunscreen, and other skincare products. So, let's cover some of the frequently asked questions.


Is zinc oxide a natural product?


The short answer is yes, zinc oxide is natural. It is a mineral that comes straight from Earth's crust, so it is about as natural as you could get. It's actually quite a remarkable ingredient considering how versatile it is, helping to treat various skin conditions as well as providing UV protection for everyone, and because it is completely natural it is much less likely to cause irritation compared to chemical-based skincare products.


It is naturally coloured white, so that is why you would often see very distinctive white marks on the face of people who used it, particularly in the old style of sunscreens that were available at the time. However, now there are zinc powder sunscreens and creams that are virtually undetectable.


This is done by making the individual zinc particles smaller so that the white doesn't stand out, while it still provides your skin with a great physical barrier to ward off the harmful effects of sun exposure.


So, not only is our zinc sunblocks safe to use but it is highly recommended by dermatologists and other professionals who know all too well about the premature skin ageing that can be prevented.


Is zinc oxide safe for use in makeup?


Yes, of course it is. It's safe and non-toxic for use in makeup and other products designed for the skin. We wouldn't use any ingredient that made us feel uncomfortable about using it on our own skin, and we're happy to include zinc oxide as an active ingredient in a range of our products. Everything from zinc sunblock to makeup has been tried and tested for decades already, and there are no health concerns related to this ingredient.


As mentioned earlier, this natural earth mineral adds clinically proven protection from both UVA and UVB rays to any skincare product in which it is an active ingredient. It does this by creating a physical barrier over the skin, reflecting these harmful rays away from you and preventing them from penetrating deeper in to your skin.


However, even though a particular product contains zinc oxide, it does not necessarily mean it is a standalone sunscreen. Most dermatologists recommend at least SPF 30, so if it is below 30 you should layer that product with a higher rated product such as an SPF 50 sunscreen to get the most protection when you're going to be outside for hours at a time.


Our zinc oxide sunscreens are also reef-safe, so you need not feel guilty when going for a swim, however it will need to be re-applicated following your dip to ensure your skin is still protected.