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More about our mineral makeup and cosmetics UK


Whether you are looking for mineral makeup palettes with various shades to add to your kit and give yourself more options when creating the perfect look, or you just need mineral sunscreen that you can trust, the team here at Colorescience UK has been hard at work making sure we've got you covered.


So, take a look at the range of products available and find out what you can replace from your regular routine. But first, for everyone who is new to the idea, let's talk about what mineral makeup is exactly and why it is so beneficial for your skin now and in the future.


What is mineral makeup UK?


It's just what you would expect from any other type of makeup, except it leaves out those risky chemicals and filler agents that are commonly found in traditional makeup. Did you know that a lot of that old kind of makeup has talc in it just to make it look like you're getting more for your money? We don't do that here. What you see is what you get, and that means that mineral makeup is so powerful and so concentrated that you don't need to use as much of it.


So, the basic difference between mineral makeup and the traditional kind is that it leaves out bad ingredients, but it also replaces them with great ingredients. For example, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two mineral ingredients used in most of our formulations and that gives Colorescience products a healthy dose of UV protection. This is important because sun exposure causes premature skin ageing, and these minerals help stop that.


Our products are also packed with many other healthy and natural ingredients such as botanical extracts which help to nourish the skin and protect it over time through continued use. It's never too late to see the benefits from switching to a mineral sunblock or something else from your routine.


Why is mineral makeup good for your skin?


You're getting the protection from sun damage from the minerals, which will help to stop premature skin ageing as we discussed earlier, and there are numerous other natural and healthy ingredients in there. But we're not finished just yet – there are a few more healthy reasons why you should add mineral face makeup to your daily routine.


The mineral makeup palettes and products you see here at Colorescience are non-comedogenic, which means they allow your pores to breathe without blocking them up. This is great for anyone with acne-prone or sensitive skin, but it's also great for everyone else because nobody wants suffocated pores.


Another benefit is that the ingredients used are so natural and gentle that they can be used on just about any type of skin, including broken skin and rosacea, and even post-procedure skin.


In fact, most dermatologists recommend this type of product for use after peels and other procedures because they are so confident that it will be gentler than traditional types of makeup and skincare that have been around in the past.