Hypoallergenic Sunscreen


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More about our hypoallergenic sunscreen

Colorescience hypoallergenic sunscreen UK is specifically designed to suit people with allergies.  Allergic reactions to sunscreens happen for a number of reasons. The people could have an allergy to a particular synthetic fragrance, or a chemical-based preservative, or anything else in the long list of ingredients in traditional types of sunscreen. These allergic reactions could happen immediately after application, or they could build up over time with prolonged exposure to the ingredient.

However, now there are alternatives. Colorescience UK has put together a selection of mineral-based hypoallergenic sunscreens, in both powder and cream forms.  Our allergy-free sunscreen does not contain the common allergenic ingredients found in traditional types of sunscreen. Continue reading to find out more about hypoallergenic sunscreen in the UK.

What is a hypoallergenic sunscreen?

Literally, it refers to a sunscreen with a lower risk of causing an allergic reaction (“hypo” means “low”). The risk is lowered by using different ingredients, leaving out the harsh chemicals found in many traditional sunscreens, and also using higher quality ingredients that are processed and refined in clean environments free from contaminants.

Our selection of non-irritating sunscreen does not contain synthetic fragrances either. Almost all of the regular sunscreens you see in stores will have synthetic fragrances in them, which is another common cause of allergic reactions. Chances are that you already have your own personal favourite fragrance that you've tried and found it to be non-irritating, so there is no good reason to add an artificial fragrance to our sunscreens.

So, to sum it all up, a hypoallergenic sunscreen is a product that is far less likely to cause an allergic reaction, even for people with sensitivity toward traditional cosmetics and skincare.

Why does regular sunscreen irritate skin?

Regular types of sunscreen can irritate the skin in a number of ways and for a variety of reasons. They can cause redness, a stinging sensation, itchiness, or even a blistering rash. These reactions may occur immediately after using the product, or you may be fine using the product for weeks or even months before a reaction occurs.

Now, the reason for all of this irritation takes us back to the ingredients used in traditional sunscreens. Science has brought us a long way since those traditional products were developed, and now Colorescience is leading the way in formulating newer and safer alternatives.

You can get up to SPF 50 protection with our non-irritating sunscreen so you're not missing out on any protection when you miss out on the risky chemicals. Try one of our high quality, mineral-based hypoallergenic sunscreens and find out whether it's the right fit.