Healthy Sunscreen

Sunscreen Healthy to the Skin


You've heard it from your parents all your life, and now you hear it from dermatologists: using sunscreen is very important for the continued health of your skin. That is true, of course, but what they didn't tell you is that not all sunscreens are created equal. We're not just talking about the different SPF levels here either – some sunscreens are objectively worse than others.


The technology involved in creating and testing sunscreen has progressed a fair bit, with some surprising studies performed on traditional chemical-based sunscreens, but we're not trying to reinvent the wheel here at Colorescience. Our healthy sunscreen products simply use natural minerals that have been used for centuries by diverse cultures across the globe, and we leave out the harsh chemicals.


Is sunscreen bad for the skin?


Sunscreen can be bad for your skin, of course. However, just as with any other product you put on your skin, it will either be good or bad based on the ingredients used to create it. So, the simple answer is, if you are not sure about what you're putting on your skin, that could very well be a bad thing.


This is complicated by the fact that there are so many brands and formulations of sunscreen available now, with many questionable ingredients and claims, which makes it hard to find a truly healthy sunscreen.


However, as mentioned earlier, it is very important that you do use some kind of sunscreen to protect yourself, even when it's not that hot and the sun isn't blazing down on you.


What makes a "healthy" sunscreen, healthy?


In general, a healthy sunscreen is one that does not contain the potentially harmful filler ingredients that are present in many traditional types of sunscreen. Those filler ingredients, whether harmful or not, are just costing you more money by watering down your product anyway, so you won't miss them at all with a Colorescience product.


Healthy sunscreens also contain ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, which help your skin stay youthful for longer instead of doing the opposite by using chemical-based sunscreens. For example, Colorescience sunscreens use natural mineral actives that are anti-inflammatory, along with botanical extracts that rejuvenate your skin with vitamins and antioxidants.


All of the sunscreens available here at Colorescience are also reef-safe which means they are healthy for the environment too. It's always a good thing to reduce the amount of chemicals entering the ecosystem, and using the right sunscreen helps.