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Colorescience UK - Pressed Face Powder Foundation with SPF 20
Colorescience UK - Pressed Face Powder Foundation with SPF 20

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When it comes to oil free sunscreen for oily skin in the UK, you have multiple options with Colorescience. We have even developed a pressed powder foundation that will protect you from the sun with the power of natural minerals for those times when you're not wearing a full sunscreen.  Our silicone-based primer with water-based foundation provides all-day protection while keeping your makeup firmly fixed.


Browse through the products and multi-packs here in either powder or cream and find the right fit for you. Our oil-free SPF products are safe, effective, and cleaner for the environment when compared to traditional sunscreens, which are just a few reasons why we are leading the way in modern skincare and makeup.


Why are some sunscreens oily?


The reason is fairly simple, but the effects it can have on your skin are often not so simple. For a start, manufacturers want their sunscreen to be as water-resistant as possible because people wear it at the pool or beach. So how do they make it water-resistant? With various types of chemicals and oils, of course. This accomplishes their goal, but it can cause adverse reactions in some people, and others simply don't like that greasy feeling on their skin all day.


Specifically, these heavy and greasy sunscreens often feel that way because they contain silicone and acrylate polymers. These ingredients provide water-resistance and also cause the product to stick to your skin. That may be fine for a day at the beach, but for regular everyday use and specifically for use under makeup it is just too much. For these purposes, instead, choose an oil free sunscreen designed specifically for oily skin.


Is oil free sunscreen good for acne?


Yes. It can be difficult trying to find the right sunscreen for acne-prone skin, and you have probably had some unfortunate incidents with it in the past, but you really should be wearing sunscreen to protect your skin. Luckily, it is now easier to find a good fit for oil free sunscreens in the UK that are far less likely to cause problems with your acne.


The products you see here from Colorescience are particularly good for acne-prone skin because they use natural minerals such as zinc as the active ingredients. This type of sunscreen rests on the surface of the skin to reflect harmful UVA and UVB rays, as opposed to traditional chemical-based sunscreens which penetrate the skin and absorb the sun's rays instead.


Try one of our oil free sunscreens in either brush-on powder or cream and find out what it can do for your skin.