PABA Free Sunscreen

Sunscreen Free of PABA


As we all progress toward safer, healthier and more effective makeup products, our journey leads us through a tangled forest of complicated and sometimes scary ingredients that people have been using for decades without much thought. The team here at Colorescience does not like uncertainty and doubt with anything related to skincare, so we fully research everything that we put on our skin.


As it turns out, this ingredients known as PABA is bad news and we don't use it. You shouldn't use it either. Continue reading to find out why, or simply shop with confidence knowing everything here is PABA free sunscreen.


What is PABA and why am I better off avoiding it?


PABA, or para-aminobenzoic acid as our friends in white coats call it, is a chemical that is naturally present in small amounts in various foods. However, since the 1940s it has been produced on an industrial scale to be used as a UVB absorbing ingredient in sunscreen.


It was one of the earliest active ingredients used in sunscreens and, as with a lot of other ingredients used back then, there had not been a whole lot of research done on all of the effects it has on the human body. Meanwhile in the current year, we know that PABA is not good at all, and there is no reason to use sunscreen containing PABA. It produces allergic reactions for some, and it inflames sensitive skin, along with other serious concerns.


The fact is, PABA does provide decent protection from UV rays, but it also comes with many downsides and no real benefit compared to using a PABA free sunscreen with safer active ingredients such as minerals.


What is the alternative to PABA sunscreen?


This is an easy one. The best alternative is to use a sunscreen with no PABA in it. Fortunately, a lot of the makeup and skincare industry has moved on from using this very questionable ingredient, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding an alternative to suit your needs. As a matter of fact, we have our own line of sunscreens here at Colorescience and none of them contain PABA.


Simply choose between a brush-on powder or cream formulation from Colorescience and you will never have to think about PABA ever again. It will all be a distant memory soon, and your future self will thank you for taking care of your precious skin by using a high quality mineral-based sunscreen today.