Mineral Powder Sunscreen Products

What is mineral based sunscreen?
Just as you may have guessed from the name, a mineral powder sunscreen is made from natural minerals that give you protection from the sun, and it comes in a powder form as opposed to cream. This type of brush on mineral powder sunscreen is not just an alternative to traditional chemical-based sunscreens as a personal preference for some people – it actually works differently to protect you. The first major difference between a mineral powder sunscreen and a chemical-based cream is that the powder has active ingredients that form a physical barrier over your skin. This barrier actually reflects UV rays instead of absorbing and dissipating them, as a traditional sunscreen would do. On a related note, because a powder sunscreen sits on top of the skin you are not introducing unnecessary ingredients to your body. This is in contrast to regular chemical-based sunscreen creams that actually penetrate the skin in order to protect you from UV rays. When anything penetrates the skin, whether it is a sunscreen or makeup, there can be problems when unsafe or inferior ingredients are used. There's no need to worry about that here with ColoreScience and powder sunscreens.
What are the benefits of mineral powder sunscreen?
Well, we have already discussed some of the benefits such as the fact that a mineral powder sunscreen sits on top of the skin to form a physical barrier. That means it deflects radiation from the sun instead of absorbing it, and also means that the sunscreen is not penetrating your skin, but there are some other benefits too. For a start, many people simply don't like to use sunscreen creams for a variety of reason. It can be messy, smelly, unsightly, and just uncomfortable in hot and humid weather. These reasons often lead people to stop using sunscreen when they really should be, and of course, that leads of skin damage and premature ageing. Nobody wants to see their skin ageing before it should, and now there is an alternative. Brush on mineral SPF powder obviously also uses fewer chemicals, and here at Colorescience we add more nourishing botanicals and extracts, which results in an overall healthier and more natural product. Everybody wants healthier and natural products, particularly when it comes down to what they're putting on their precious skin. So, take a look around and what we've got on offer here and join thousands of our satisfied customers making the switch.
More about our mineral powder sunscreens
The days of having only cream sunscreens are over now thanks to the power of mineral based sunscreen and the Colorescience team. Now you can get mineral powder sunscreen with up to SPF 50 protection for your face that will keep your skin looking youthful for longer even while you're out and about. We have a few different products to choose from here, including a 2-in-1 kit for total protection, so start browsing through them and get yourself protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as other environmental concerns. As you can see, we also have mineral based foundation and palettes with SPF too.