Makeup For Oily Skin

More about our makeup for oily skin


Now you can find all of the best makeup for oily skin in one place with this selection from Colorescience UK. Whether you're looking for a shine control powder for oily skin or a face primer for oily acne prone skin - we have got you covered with this and a whole lot more.


Browse through the various products available and find out exactly which ingredients are used in our makeup for oily skin before you buy. These products come in many shades and forms, such as creams and powders, and they are all designed to work flawlessly for people with oily skin.


Can I wear makeup if I have oily skin?


Yes, of course you can, but you also need to be a lot more conscious of what types of makeup you're using compared to people who do not have oily skin. It's all about finding the right tool for the job, as with anything else in life, and now the team here at Colorescience UK is making it easier with this selection of makeup for oily skin that will keep you looking great and feeling confident throughout the day.


One of the most important steps in choosing makeup for oily skin is a good face primer. You should be looking for something with a matte finish that will reduce shine, such as our very own Mattifying Perfector Face Primer. This will also help to cover up blemishes and acne, and absorb excess oil, giving you the perfect base for the rest of your makeup.


What ingredients should I avoid in makeup if I have oily skin?


The problem with many traditional cosmetics is that they tend to dry out the skin. This may not sound like a bad thing for those with oily skin, but in fact this dehydration actually causes your body to produce even more oil to balance it out. Common ingredients that cause dehydration include sodium, ammonium lauryl sulfate, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol.


Another of the main concerns when it comes to oily skin is trying to keep your pores clean and clear. Traditional cosmetics tend to block the pores because of ingredients such as isopropyl myristate, isopropyl palmitate, mineral oil, and petrolatum.


On the other hand, the selection you see here at Colorescience UK is the best makeup for oily skin that is safe, effective, and affordable. We avoid using ingredients that could interfere with oily skin and instead use the power of natural minerals to produce high-quality makeup and skincare products.