Skin Primers SPF 20

More about skin primers
Our award-winning range of custom-created skin primers provide sun protection, diminish fine lines and pore size while achieving the skin texture, tone and finish you desire.
What primer should I use for dry skin?
Our Calming Perfector Face Primer SPF 20 is designed to soothe dry skin and provide a perfect base for your foundation with a universal golden-nude shade.
What Primer should I use for oily and acne-prone skin?
Our patented, oil-free Mattifying Face Primer SPF 20 helps to absorb excess oil and primes your skin in a soft, silky universal nude shade. Brightening Perfector Face Primer SPF 20 is perfect for dull and tired complexions, while the Bronzing Face Primer SPF 20 provides an instant sun-kissed tint to all skin tones.