Primer For Oily Skin

What makes a good primer for oily skin sufferers?

As anyone with oily skin will tell you, the mattifying effect is what you need to get from your makeup. A matte finish is the opposite of shiny. You may have heard of matte paint before, as opposed to glossy paint, and that is the same distinction used in makeup. Basically, you want to use an all day primer for oily skin that has a matte finish so that it will counteract the shiny appearance of excess oils on the skin.

Thanks to the power of natural minerals, Colorescience mattifying primer also has SPF 20, giving you moderate protection from the sun by itself. This protection can be increased even further when layered with an SPF-infused foundation or other makeup.

Another concern for people with this skin condition is finding a mineral primer for oily skin that will not weigh them down and make their condition even worse. The main problem here is that you need good coverage as a base for your other makeup, but you don't want to use so much product. The solution is to use a whipped foundation that provides full coverage while remaining lightweight.

Oily Skin Primers

You shouldn't have to suffer from a lack of choice in makeup and skincare products simply because you happen to have oily skin, and you really can find a product for any skin type if you look for it. Let us start by recommending a good base primer for oily skin - Colorescience All Day Primer for Oily Skin keeps your skin looking supple and shine-free.

The trick is to find the right match between a product and your particular skin type. This can be easier said than done and could involve some trial and error, but you can cut out a lot of the hassle if you know where to start. So, let's do that now, shall we?