Primers with SPF 20

More about our natural facial primers

The team here at Colorescience has formulated a unique range of primer makeup to suit all kinds of skin. Whether your issue is acne, redness, a generally dull complexion, or you just want your makeup to last longer, we have got something you will love.

All of these products have at least SPF 20 – up to SPF 50 – but it is important to remember to layer sunscreen over the top of it if you intend to be out in intense sunlight for many hours at a time. Protecting yourself from sun damage is the best way to fight premature skin ageing.

What is primer makeup used for, and is it necessary?

First of all, it depends on what you mean by necessary. You won't cease to exist without a good primer, but most people will agree that you need it if you want your makeup to look great and for it to last in to the night without wearing away. So, yes it is necessary, but now let's go back and talk about what Colorescience primer makeup products do exactly.

It is often thought that foundation is the first step in applying makeup, hence the name, but it is actually the primer that should go first. By using one of our primer makeup products you are creating another layer between your makeup and your precious skin. This extra layer gives you protection in two ways: it protects your skin from your makeup, and it protects your makeup from the oils and sweat that will be unavoidable as the hours go by.

Having this first layer of primer also acts to smooth out the surface of the skin, even skin tone, and of course the ultimate goal is to help your makeup stay intact for longer without deteriorating from sweat and skin oils.

What primer should I use?

Choosing the best makeup primer for you depends on the skin issues you are currently dealing with. Or if you have no problems and you just want a general boost in appearance and makeup durability, try our SPF 20 Brightening Perfector Face Primer. It will brighten your complexion with a soft yellow illumination while giving you all of the other benefits of a primer.

If you have acne-prone skin, check out the SPF 20 Mattifying Perfector Face Primer which will help you control that shiny look that often comes along with acne while camouflaging blemishes. It also absorbs some of the excess oil on your skin, giving you a smooth surface that is better prepared for the makeup that comes next in your routine.

For anyone suffering from redness and sensitivity, try our SPF 50 All Calm Corrective Kit For Redness which is a 3-in-1 treatment plan to address a range of issues. It starts with the redness corrector itself which has immediate results in neutralising and balancing redness. Next comes the brush-on sunscreen with great protection from UVA and UVB rays to prevent further irritation. Last of all, the hydrating setting mist locks in your makeup to make it last hours longer.