Mineral Makeup Products

More about our makeup

It's time to stop using so many risky chemicals on your skin and start protecting yourself while looking great, and luckily for you there is a large range of healthy makeup choices right here from Colorescience.


If you're new around here, you should know a little bit about what we do here. We create our very own formulations covering all kinds of makeup and skincare, and we only believe in creating products that we are comfortable using on our own skin every day. This dedication to quality means that we are very strict with our suppliers and we make sure that only the finest and safest ingredients ever touch you.

What kinds of makeup products does Colorescience sell?


The team here at Colorescience is constantly at work developing new products, and right now we have a great selection of everyday makeup that every woman needs to have at the ready.


We have all of the essentials you will need to make a fresh start if this is your first journey in to the world of mineral-based makeup, or you can just start small and replace pieces of your regular routine as you go. This will keep you covered from foundation to mascara and just about everything else your makeup stash will need.


What lip products?


Treat yourself to a beautiful smile and be happy on the inside at the same time knowing that you are also getting protection from sun damage by using our SPF 35 Lip Shine. This exclusive formulation from Colorescience comes in 5 delicate colours that are perfect for creating a cute and natural look, as opposed to the more drastic visuals of a regular lipstick. It's also gluten-free and paraben-free so it is safer to use on a regular basis for people with allergies and everyone else too.


What eye products?


Your eyes can't resist the selection of makeup here at Colorescience, and now they can benefit from healthy makeup choices too. Try our Natural Mascara for a month or two and you will never want to go back to whatever you are using now. As with all of our other makeup and skincare products, this mascara has been developed to not only make your lashes appear thicker and longer but also to nourish them over time.


This gradual health boost comes from our unique blend of peptides along with a mix of botanical extracts that will actually help your lashes instead of hurting them as some other makeup can. It's gluten-free, paraben-free, and it's unscented, so there is nothing to hold you back from trying it.


What face products?


There is a lot more of an area to cover on your face compared to eyes and lashes, so there are a lot more products to choose from as well. There are the everyday basics such as our very own Natural Finish Pressed Foundation that is just waiting to be added to your regular routine. It is designed to be lightweight yet effective, giving you a smoother complexion and a more radiant glow.


For those with acne-prone skin, try our Mattifying Perfector Face Primer every day after moisturising and before applying other makeup. This will help you to control shine and conceal blemishes while providing moderate UV protection at the same time. It is also designed to help absorb oil which can really help when dealing with acne.

We've also got you covered for when you want to get a little more fancy with highlighting and contouring. Try our Pressed Mineral Bronzer to add colour and contouring where you need it, or use the Mineral Palette with 5 shades for even more options to find the perfect look.