More about our everyday makeup collection


The Colorescience team have put together a fabulous collection of everyday makeup products.  

From foundation and mineral palettes to pigment perfectors and brightening creams, and of course sunscreen, you will be ready to face the day, every day, while looking your best. So let's take a closer look at some of these products and find out what makes Colorescience professional mineral makeup a hit with our loyal customers.


What separates your everyday makeup products from other brands?


Our everyday makeup range already brings so much joy and beauty to the world but if you're wondering what makes ColoreScience so great in particular, then stick around and find out. For a start, we are dedicated to making the finest quality mineral makeup at affordable prices.


Other brands also sell mineral makeup, but it's not all the same. Our competitors often aren't as concerned as we are about the safety of both you and the environment. We care about both. Our everyday makeup products are reef safe, which means that you won't be contributing to marine pollution that is caused by the chemicals in other brands.


Our exclusive formulations are also specifically designed for sporty people. Basically, what that means is that you won't turn in to a melting mess when you sweat. Our makeup is designed to last, so you spend less time reapplying. Another bonus for active people is the sun protection you get, with at least SPF 20 in almost all of these products.


Are your cosmetic products safe to use daily?


Yes, and you really should be using at least some of these products every day. It's particularly important to protect your skin from sun damage and other environmental factors, even on days when you don't think the sun is burning bright, so you can definitely benefit from having at least SPF 20. If you know you'll be outside in the sun a lot, layer up with our Sunforgettable SPF 50 Face Shield and you'll retain a healthy and natural appearance for years to come.


Another reason why our products are safe to use on a daily basis has to do with which ingredients we leave out. We don't use parabens, a type of preservative, and we don't add talc powder to the mix just to bulk up the weight. Many of our competitors still use these ingredients, and it's best not to use products like that regularly.