Brush-On Mineral Makeup & Cosmetics

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Sometimes it doesn't feel like it, but the sun shines down no matter how cloudy it is and you need to protect your skin from the UV damage.


It's actually one of the most important things you can do to help stop premature skin ageing and other concerns, and so the team here at Colorescience has put together a great range of brush on sunscreens and makeup made with the power of minerals.


Get protected up to SPF 50 with our Sunforgettable range or use a foundation or mineral corrector palette when you don't think you will need a full sunscreen.


What brush on makeup products are available from Colorescience?


We have developed our own unique formulations for most of the regular makeup products that you will want to use every day, and our team is always working hard to create more award-winning skincare solutions.


One of our most popular choices right now is the Mineral Corrector Palette with SPF 20, because it is so versatile and our customers simply can't get enough of it. These brush on makeup palettes can be used to cover up blemishes and dark spots, and the various shades can be used to sculpt the face with contouring and highlight techniques, and it can do all of that while protecting the health of your skin with minerals and botanical extracts.


Another essential item in our range of brush on cosmetics is the Natural Finish Pressed Foundation. Everyone knows how important it is to get the foundation right before going any further, so we made sure ours is worth taking the time to try.


Our foundation is designed to feel so light that you forget all about it, but you will definitely see the results. Bring out a smoother complexion with a natural looking glow while you treat your skin to sun protection and various botanical extracts.


What conditions can Colorescience brush on makeup help treat?


Our exclusive range of brush on makeup can help treat various issues from redness, blemishes and dark spots, to acne-prone skin and more. However, everyone can benefit from our mineral makeup regardless of whether they have a particular skin issue, because it's just healthier and more natural than other types of makeup.


To treat redness and sensitivity, try our All Calm Corrective Kit for Redness for a 3-in-1 treatment that includes a corrector, brush on SPF 50 sunscreen, and a hydrating setting mist. Each step is important, because a day out in the sun without protection from UVA and UVB rays will counteract any good work you did to treat redness, so our kit includes a high-quality sunscreen.


To brighten your complexion while camouflaging imperfections, try our Pressed Mineral Illuminator with pigments that reflect light to give you a sheer, luminous glow. Also check out the Beauty On The Go Mineral Palette with 5 shades for even more options for covering up blemishes or contouring and highlighting.


Our products are non-comedogenic too, which means they don't smother the pores of your skin. It's particularly good for acne-prone skin and various other issues, but everyone else can benefit from healthier pores too.


Yet another benefit of our brush on makeup is that it is formulated for those who enjoy an active lifestyle, so those who enjoy going for a run or lead a busy, active, daily life can all benefit from our brush on makeup that’s designed to last!