Top tips to make makeup last in the summer

Summer has begun, and with that comes a change in climate, which can affect how long your makeup lasts throughout the day.

Whether you’re simply spending a day out and about, sunbathing or enjoying a day on the beach, here are some top tips to help your makeup last in summer.

Correctly prepping the skin

When wearing makeup in the summer, one of the most important stages is the preparation of the skin, prior to the application of any products.

Application of a mineral primer prior to applying makeup would help to smooth the skin, working as a base to help makeup last longer.

prime mattify protect

Our mineral primers help to smooth the skin, provide a base that helps makeup last longer, as well as also providing additional UV protection - to prevent additional sun damage that may oxidise the skin and ingredients in your makeup, which can cause your makeup to fade.

With a suitable makeup primer, you’d help your makeup last throughout the day, helping to provide a good grip, and secure base for your eyeshadow and eyeliner products.

Layer your makeup on

One simple way to ensure that your makeup stays on your face in the summer months, is to ensure that you wear layers on layers.

As the heats turns up, we are more likely to sweat, meaning eyeliner, bronzer and foundation may be more likely to sweat off.

makeup collection for layering

So, in this case you’d make sure you double up on the products you use. For instance, you’d start off with a mineral foundation, setting it with a bronzer.

You would then layer over this with a cream blush, and set with a powder blush. With this thicker layer of makeup, you’re more likely to have it last throughout the day.

Layer on powder sunscreen

You can choose to layer your makeup with more makeup, which will be effective, but this may be a way to quickly run out of it!

Instead of layering your makeup with more makeup products, you can choose to layer it with a powder sunscreen suited to your skin tone.

sunforgettable broad spectrum spf 30

Our mineral powder sunscreens are specialised for layering over makeup, and help to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection, helping to lower the effects of the sun rays on your products.

Use a setting spray

This one is a given, to help your makeup last longer, simply consider using an appropriate mineral powder setting spray for your makeup!

Setting sprays work to help prevent smudging, fading and creasing of your makeup, which during the summer you are a lot more at risk of.

hydrating mist

Our mineral powder setting sprays are also hydrating for the skin, helping to provide secondary benefits to your average setting spray.

Revitalising the complexion, and providing that extra bit of TLC in the summer months, as well as working to help your makeup last.


We've gone through a good few things you can try to help make your makeup last this summer.

If layering over your layers, ensure you use an appropriate primer, and utilise powder sunscreen to limit the sun's fading effect on your makeup altogether.

Make sure you use adequate sun protection in the summer, and if you do wear makeup, try to get mineral products with SPF in them, to give your skin that extra bit of quality protection.