Dark Circles: What Causes Them & How to Get Rid of Them

Nowadays many people are affected by dark circles around their eyes, or “Panda eyes” as they’re better known. Panda eyes are caused by a variety of factors, but luckily can be both prevented, and reversed, all be it you give it the adequate attention required.

This post is going to go through what causes dark circles under the eyes, and how to get rid of these naturally.

What causes dark circles (or panda eyes)?

Panda eyes can form for a range of reasons. Some of which include sleep deprivation, which can lead to paler skin, allowing the darker blood vessels below the skin around your eyes to become more visible.

With busy lifestyles that have been ever-more common nowadays, allowing yourself a few extra hours of sleep, at least getting a good 8 hours a night, should help that little bit.


It has also been discussed that iron deficiency, also commonly known as anemia, can lead to the formation of dark circles around the eyes.

With an iron deficiency, the blood is unable to efficiently transport oxygen to your body’s tissues, in this case leading to the skin around the eyes, appearing darker as a result. Ensuring you incorporate plenty of iron-rich foods and taking an iron supplement may help, but of course consult your doctor prior to making any significant dietary changes.

UV damage from excessive sun exposure is also a reason as to why some may have panda eyes. With the sun’s ability to increase the skin’s melanin content, especially in a place as sensitive as the under-eye region, the skin appears darker than the rest of the surrounding area.

Like with general day to day life, it is imperative that if you’re out and about in the sun that you wear adequate SPF, especially for the sensitive region around your eyes that may develop dark circles.

How to make dark circles disappear naturally

Naturally, to get rid of dark circles you could do a few things, from the utilisation of mineral eye care products, to home remedies for the short-term fix.

Our eye care products to help reduce dark circles

We have a range of mineral eye skincare products including our effective 3-in-1 Total Eye Renewal therapy. This products helps reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes, as well as providing you with high SPF 35 protection, to prevent further UV damage that could worsen them.


Our eye restore serum works by revitalising the skin around the eyes, allowing for better circulation and improving the skin’s overall hue.

Home remedies for dark circles

Although not scientifically proven, or effective in the long term, there are a few things you can do from home if you’re desperate to combat your dark circles.

You should first ensure you’re getting the right amount of sleep every night, as that is the first thing that anybody can do. If you live a busy lifestyle, try to catch a quick nap in your day.

A home remedy one could try is the cold compress, which works in the same way, constricting the dilated blood vessels, reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Another home remedy that is gaining popularity for getting rid of panda eyes is also applying green tea bags to them. The caffeine in these tea bags are said to work by narrowing the blood vessels surrounding your eye to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Again, we must stress these home remedies aren’t exactly backed by science but may be able to provide a short-term solution.

For long-term results, you’d benefit more from using our mineral eye care product range.

Dark circles can affect every and anybody, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be prevented, or reversed.

Ensuring you get enough sleep, iron in your diet and use the necessary products to revitalise the area surrounding your eyes, you should be able to combat the dark circles in no time!