Sunscreen For Face

Facial Sunscreens


Protecting your face from the harmful radiation of the sun and other pollutants is one of the most important steps to take if you want to preserve the youth and beauty of your skin for longer. In fact, many dermatologists will tell you this is the best anti-ageing solution if you start early enough and continue to protect yourself over the years.


Take a look at the range of sunscreen for the face available from Colorescience right now to see which product is right for you. We have a couple of multi-packs as well, so you can get a selection with everything you need.


Why should I get my sunscreen for the face from you?


Because our sunblock for the face does more than simply block UV radiation, and it is safer and more natural than traditional forms of sunscreen. Colorescience UV protector products are made with natural minerals, such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, instead of the chemical-based blockers that you will find in most regular sunscreen.


We could be here all day discussing the benefits of using natural minerals instead of chemical actives on your skin, but the basic idea is that these minerals do a better job of protecting your skin without the possibly harmful effects of chemical-based blockers.


So, when you're looking for a good sunscreen for the face you will want one that is gentle on the skin, easy to apply, and effective. Our products cover all of that and more, with nourishing botanical extracts to maintain and improve the health of your skin over time, and all Colorescience sunscreen products are reef-safe. That means you can rest easy knowing that you have done your part in keeping harmful chemical pollutants out of the waterways, and away from your skin as well.


Our most popular sunscreen for the face and the full body version both have SPF 50, giving you all the protection you need in one small bottle that you can take with you everywhere.