Natural Makeup & Skincare Products

More about our natural products


As you can see from this large collection of products, the team here at Colorescience has been hard at work putting together the best natural cosmetics in the UK for all of our loyal customers. Now you too can make the switch to using healthy, safe and effective makeup and skin care products that are made from only the finest ingredients.


We've got foundation, sunscreen, lip gloss, mascara and more, all infused with the power of minerals and botanical extracts that will make your skin look great while also hydrating and rejuvenating it over time. Now, let's talk about what makes us different and why natural cosmetics are becoming so popular all over the world.


What makes your makeup products natural?


There is no secret here. The products you see here at Colorescience are natural simply because they use more natural ingredients. As opposed to most traditional chemical-based makeup and cosmetics, we have harnessed the power of minerals and botanical extracts to bring you safe and effective products while still keeping the price down.


The main active ingredients we use in our exclusive formulations are the minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These minerals are milled in to fine particles so they go on smooth for a lightweight finish, which means you use less to get the same result and you don't feel weighed down by your skin care and makeup products.


We also have paraben-free products for those who wish to avoid these preservatives that are common throughout much of the traditional cosmetics industry. Another important point is that we don't add talc powder to our products. Many other companies do this to add weight to their products in order to make more money, but we don't do that here.


Benefits of natural cosmetics


The main benefit that most of our customers love is simply having less exposure to toxins from the chemicals in other brands of cosmetics. This makes Colorescience products naturally non-irritating.


Our natural makeup is a safer alternative to those, both for you and the whole planet, because the toxins in other brands find their way in to the water. Our sunscreens are what is known as reef-safe, which means they have less impact on the marine environment.

Our natural cosmetics also do double the work of most competitors because they not only cover and camouflage, they also help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin over time. That means you can stay looking younger and healthier for longer without the need to use so much makeup.