Mineral Makeup Kits & Sets

COVER ME SPF KIT £70.40 £88.00


MATTE LAST SPF 50 KIT £60.00 £81.00

Sun Spot Restoration £185.60 £232.00
Illuminating SPF 50 Duo £48.00 £60.00

ALL CALM: Clinical Redness Corrector SFP 50 - SUNFORGETTABLE BRUSH-ON SUNSCREEN - Colorescience UK
ALL CALM: Clinical Redness Corrector SFP 50 - SUNFORGETTABLE BRUSH-ON SUNSCREEN - Colorescience UK

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All Calm Day Regimen Kit £128.00 £160.00

More about our mineral makeup kits


The Colorescience team has put together a range of mineral makeup kits, bursting with high-quality products all packaged up for your convenience.


Our Sunforgettable Total Protection Duo Kit will give you a brush-on shield against harmful UVA and UVB rays, and it comes with two separate formulas for your face and body.


We also have makeup kits specifically for redness and pigmentation issues, and they are all exclusive formulations that meet our high standards for safety, quality, and effectiveness.


Can your mineral makeup kits be worn while being active?


Yes. Colorescience active makeup sets are generally well-suited for people who will be exercising or otherwise getting sweaty throughout the day. This makes us a great choice for sports makeup because there is no need to sacrifice quality for the ability to wear it during strenuous activity or hot and humid days. It's just naturally better in all the right ways.


For example, our Sunforgettable brush-on kit is perfect for long days outdoors, whatever the weather!  It is much lighter than a traditional sunscreen and doesn't get that slimy feeling from mixing with sweat. This can be a great advantage because if you like your sunscreen then you are more likely to use it, which is still the best known way to protect your skin from the premature ageing process. The redness and pigmentation kits also each contain a mini bottle of our brush-on mineral sunscreen.


Do your makeup kits have SPF?


Yes. As mentioned above, all of our mineral makeup kits come with a bottle of our Sunforgettable brush-on mineral sunscreen, and the minerals in the other formulations within the kits also have SPF. This means you can get broad-spectrum protection up to SPF 50 to help prolong the youth and beauty of your skin for many years to come.


Most dermatologists will agree that one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay looking younger for longer is to protect yourself from environmental damage such as UVA and UVB radiation, as well as pollution and other sources.


That's why we are so enthusiastic about mineral makeup, whether it is a sunscreen or a foundation because it all contains natural ingredients that physically block UV rays from penetrating your skin. Traditional sunscreens don't do that – they merely absorb the rays and try to lessen the impact.