Matte Foundation

More about our natural matte foundation

Now you can control excess oil production while giving your face a flawless appearance with matte foundations from Colorescience UK in either powder or cream. Whether you just want to look a little less shiny, or you want your pores to look smaller, we have formulated products to work specifically for you. Even if you don't have oily or combination skin, you can still benefit from a matte finish. So, let's get started and find out why you might want to try these products.

What is matte foundation makeup?

Matte foundation is a type of makeup that is perfect for anyone with oily skin, and also many people who do not have oily skin and simply prefer it over a regular finish foundation. In any case, it is formulated specifically to make your face look less shiny while creating a smooth, flawless finish.

If you would rather not spend so much time reapplying makeup through the day, matte foundations are also a great choice. This type of foundation stays in place and looks better for longer compared to a sheer finish, for example, so that's just another bonus even if you don't have oily skin. Matte foundation also makes your pores look smaller which is great for all skin types, but particularly beneficial for those with oily or combination skin.

Last of all, some people naturally have a matte finish to their skin, and so they often prefer a matte foundation because it looks more natural on them.

What's the difference between matte foundation and regular?

The difference basically comes down to how it looks on your face. A matte foundation provide a matte finish, which means it will reduce or eliminate the appearance of excess oil. In short, it makes you look less shiny, and that is the main reason why many people prefer a natural matte foundation over all of the other types available.

One of the other popular choices when it comes to foundation is a dewy finish, so you will often see dewy foundation compared with matte. Again, it all comes back to your skin type and your desired look. Dewy foundation will give you a radiant glow if you have normal or dry skin, but anyone with oily skin may appear greasy while wearing it.

To sum it up, if you have oily skin you should at least try matte foundations and see what it can do for you.