Healthy Foundation

Colorescience UK - Pressed Face Powder Foundation with SPF 20
Colorescience UK - Pressed Face Powder Foundation with SPF 20

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Foundation Healthy for the Skin


The majority of our customers wear foundation just about every day, and that means choosing the right product is very important. The team here at Colorescience knows all about that, and we have put together a great little selection of the best health foundations that's good for the skin while also being effective at its job.


Whether you're looking for a healthy foundation in whipped (liquid) or powder form, or a colour corrector palette to take with you on the go, we've got you covered here with all of the popular shades to choose from. So, dive in and click around to find the right fit for you, or continue reading to find out more.


How do you describe a healthy foundation?


A healthy foundation is one that will not harm your skin when used on a regular basis, obviously, but it must also improve the health of the skin for us to classify it as a truly healthy foundation. The basic idea is that our foundation products don't just help you cover imperfections and give you a great base for makeup, they also help your skin remain nourished over time. This helps a great deal in the anti-ageing process, and it will also give you some more immediate benefits.


In general, a foundation that's good for the skin will include SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV radiation, and it will also be non-comedogenic, allowing your pores to breathe without being smothered in a thick layer of product. A healthy foundation is also free from any harsh chemicals and additives that are commonly used throughout the skincare world.


What makes Colorescience foundation "healthy"?


For a start, obviously all of the foundation and other makeup products in the Colorescience range are formulated by following the principles set out above. We use only the finest quality natural minerals and other ingredients so you know you're getting a safe and effective product for your money, and we don't cut corners anywhere along the line. From sourcing materials to production and packaging, the Colorescience crew stays on top of it throughout the whole process.


The mineral actives used in our products – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – have stood the test of time and are considered not just safe to use but also beneficial. For example, zinc oxide provides anti-inflammatory properties to makeup and skincare products. Our selection of healthy foundation also contains vitamins and extracts to help your skin remain more youthful over time, without you even thinking about it.