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Green Is the New Black: 5 Tips to Make Your Workout More Eco-Friendly with Surfing Champion Lucy Campbell

Have you promised yourself to be more active in 2019? Driving to the trendiest gym in town in your new printed leggings while sipping a takeaway detox smoothie will make you feel good about yourself – but it’s not so good for the planet.

Going green with your workout is much easier than you think, and much more rewarding!   We caught up with Lucy Campbell, Professional Surfer to talk about how to optimise your workout so that you get healthier and the environment gets cleaner.

Workout Outside

Trading one treadmill workout for a run outdoors saves about 1,500 watts of power, which is enough to power 15 halogen bulbs. Running outdoors is also more challenging; the hills, turns and changing terrain will engage more muscle groups than the treadmill. Not exactly a runner? Ride your bike, do a playground equipment strength training or grab your yoga matt and head for a challenging, green tweak to your usual routine.

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I’m an outdoors kind of gal! When I’m not competing, I’ll still be in the sea surfing when I can, and after a little time off, I’ll be back to strength training. However, I do really enjoy spending time trying other sports that I don’t usually get time for like climbing, skating, mountain biking…they don’t usually feel like exercising!” – says Lucy Campbell, British Professional Surfer.

Reduce your equipment

Fitness equipment takes power, water and fuel to produce and deliver andusually comes with a hefty price tag.  The truth is you don’t need more than your body weight to blast fat.

“It’s always good to have a sneaky easy workout up your sleeve for days when you don’t have much time, you’re travelling, it’s raining or, if you like me, have an annoying amount of energy for those around you!” - shares Lucy.

“Dead bug and bear crawls are amazing for all round core. You can’t beat a good ol’ trusty squat and push up. Then side (lateral) lunges are also great, If I'm doing a weights/ equipment-free workout, I'll try to really focus on my form and really engage the muscle groups I'm working. Running and yoga are also tip top!”

Grab a reusable water bottle

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British households throw 22m tons of plastic waste into the bin. 56% of that waste is not recycled which means it ends up in landfills or finds its way into the ocean. Britain doesn’t have the requisite infrastructure to recycle its own plastic waste, so the 44% of waste that doesget recycled requires even more fuel and resources to be sent and processed abroad.

If you switch to a reusable water bottle, you will save 217 plastic bottles from going to a landfill per year. Really a no-brainer.

Fuel-Up Sustainably

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Think twice before grabbing a processed protein bar or sugary sports drink form the vending machine at your gym. It might be a quick way to power up after a workout but it’s definitely not doing any favours to your waistline and the environment. Processed snacks involve energy-intensive production process and come with excessive plastic packaging that often lands in landfills.

Instead, hit your local market for locally produced, nutrient-rich food that helps cutting down on environmental waste. 

Well fruit is an all-time favourite, but if I need something a little more filling, I’ve usually got keep a stock of chocolaty protein balls in the fridge. These are seriously good for sugary/ dessert cravings too. Or just pop some bread in the toaster for Peanut butter and banana (aka the best combo on the planet..) on toast. “ – are a few of the power snacks Lucy uses to fuel her training sessions.

Revamp Your Beauty Bag

eco-friendly workout, eco-friendly beauty bag, reef-safe sunscreen

From plastic containers, to harmful chemicals and unsustainable supply chains, mainstream beauty products take a toll on the environment. Luckily, there are eco-friendly alternatives for your everyday beauty products such as reusable makeup remover pads, aluminium-free deodorant, chemical-free sunscreen (yes, you should wear your SPF daily).

I am definitely a coconut oil smotherer.  Being in the sea all the time can make my hair and skin dry, so it’s a bit of a saviour for me and, bonus, it’s also handy for traveling with. I've been loving REN skincare products for my face, they don’t use chemicals and are dedicated to being clean. They even make some of their bottles from ocean plastic! The struggle has been finding a daily SPF that will last in the sea (without being full of chemicals/ skin-clogging ingredients). I recently discovered Colorscience’s range and it’s been a total game changer.”- Lucy Campbell, Pro Surfer.