5 Workout Tips to Help you Get Fit The Right Way

When you think about how the fitness world has evolved over the last few years, there are so many new trends out there which all can become a little daunting and overwhelming. So, with this in mind, here are 5 tips that we hope will help you to getting the most out of each exercise and by utilizing these techniques you’ll achieve real and more noticeable results.

 #1: Always, Always Warm Up!

Woman stretching before a run

This is definitely the most important tip to keep in mind. A proper warm up will either make or break your performance level during the workout. If you rush it, then your muscles will start to tense up and cramp easily. Taking time to stretch, sweat and warm up will ensure performance at a higher intensity! The science behind warming up is to increase muscle temperature. The increase in muscle temperature increases blood flow, muscle contraction and reduces resistance in the muscle fibers. You should warm up for at least 10-15 minutes before beginning your workout.

#2: Use Proper Form

woman squatting with weights

Ever notice someone in the gym that looked like they didn’t know how to do an exercise or use the equipment? Don’t be like them! Failing to use proper form always results in injury. The two major reasons are that you aren’t concentrating on the exercise, or you’re trying to lift weight that is too heavy. Take the time to achieve proper form, by doing so you’ll avoid injury and will gain the full benefit from each exercise.

 #3: Start light then add more resistance

Start light then add more resistance

In order to challenge your muscles, it is intuitive to get the most from each rep. This absolutely doesn’t mean to simply go through the motions. Be mindful about form and engage the proper muscles necessary to fulfil each rep the correct way.  Starting slow with light weights will give your body the chance to warm up before you start the full set. If you start with a heavy weight, your muscles and body will get fatigued very quickly, hence a low performance level. Rage of motion is crucial to hit each origin point on your muscle.

If you are able to complete 12 repetitions easily using proper form, then the weight is too light. On the flip side, if you aren’t able to perform an exercise through its full range of motion, and find yourself cheating on form, then the weight is too heavy.

Using proper weights will still be challenging especially when you are getting closer to the end of your repetitions. Don’t feel discouraged if your body gives up and didn’t manage to fulfil all of the reps. It is natural for your muscles to fail. The next time you repeat the same set, your muscle memory will complete the full set.

#4: Change Up Your Routine

woman doing yoga poses

How would you like it if you ate the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day?

Just think about the workout being food for your body. Most people get tired of the same routine over and over again, workouts fall into the same category. Mix it up to shock your body and challenge yourselves! Changing your exercise routines will ensure for more noticeable results.

#5: Take the time to Cool Down

cooling down after a workout

Finally, saved the best for last…Cool down. After completing a workout, your body naturally feels exhausted. Taking the time to stretch, lower body temperature and heart rate will ensure proper recovery tactics. Congratulate yourself for finishing strong and stretch it out for your reward. Take a few deep breathes during every stretch to elongate the muscle fibers and reduce any tightness