More about our powders


Colorescience has a great selection of mineral powder makeup, whether you are looking to replace your old foundation or get some illumination in your life, so take a look at everything on offer to see what you could benefit from.


We also have brush-on powder sunscreen which is great at protecting your skin from harmful radiation and pollution, because the minerals form a barrier against it.


If you are looking to treat particular skin conditions such as redness, we've got you covered there too with out All Calm Corrective Kit. Try one of our mineral makeup products today and you won't want to go back to traditional cosmetics.


What is mineral powder and why is it better than everyday powder makeup?


Mineral makeup face powder is better than the traditional types of cosmetics that you're probably more familiar with in a variety of ways. For a start, our powders obviously contain minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and these natural ingredients help by forming a physical barrier against radiation from the sun.


This gives you broad spectrum SPF 20 protection while being so lightweight that you can barely feel it. Basically, it's like having moderate sun protection without even using a sunscreen, although you should still layer it with additional protection if you're going to be outside for most of the day.


Mineral powder makeup is also naturally healthier than regular cosmetics because, quite simply, it is made from more natural ingredients and leaves out the harsh chemicals and fillers.


For example, most traditional cosmetics contain preservatives known as parabens – we don't use them in our powders. We also don't throw in talc powder to bulk up the product and make it look like you're getting a larger amount than what you paid for, which is still a common practice in much of the industry.


What kinds of mineral powder makeup products are in this collection?


We have all kinds of nice things for you to try here at Colorescience. Let's start by taking a closer look at the SPF 20 Natural Finish Pressed Powder Foundation and see why it has been such a hit with our loyal customers.


We have already discussed how the natural mineral ingredients give you some protection from the sun, but there are other ingredients such as botanical extracts that can really help your skin too by keeping it hydrated and looking smoother. Currently we have this type of mineral makeup face powder in 8 shades so you should have no problem finding a good choice for your skin tone.


Another of our exclusive formulations is our Pressed Mineral Illuminator which is also very popular with our customers. This type of mineral makeup face powder uses light-reflective pigments to give you a sheer illuminating effect anywhere you need it, and it's gluten-free too.


If you have imperfections and dark spots to deal with, take a look at our Mineral Corrector Palette and see what it can do to help camouflage those areas. It has 5 shades to work with, so you've always got options no matter what your skin tone.