Adult Skin Care Products

More on products for adult skin


Our range of adult skin products covers many of the usual items from your daily routine and also includes skin serums and therapies that are highly targeted at helping deal with specific issues.


These mineral makeup and skin care products are our very own exclusive formulations, the result of many years of research by the Colorescience team, and we stand by them as some of the best products that you can find anywhere in the UK or online. Whether you have damaged skin that needs extra care, or you just want to protect your skin for the future, there is something here for all needs.


What makes these products specialised for adult skin?


The team here at Colorescience creates makeup and skincare products for all ages, skin types, and skin conditions, so we know a thing or two about making the perfect formulations for each different use. Our adult skin products in particular are created to help address concerns that teenagers or older adults may not experience, and so by creating highly specialised products we are able to target the causes and symptoms better than attempting to use a one size fits all solution.


Basically, the difference comes down to the type and amount of ingredients used in these formulations. For example, adults are generally not as concerned with acne as a teenager would be, but adult skin also has its own issues to deal with, so we have created makeup and skincare products that are specifically targeted to deal with the issues you have.


Each product will have its own set of active ingredients along with a list of other botanical extracts to help protect and repair skin over time. Browse through the products available to see which ingredients they use, and continue reading for more of a general overview on the ingredients we use in our adult skin care range.


What ingredients are in Colorescience skin products for adults?

Ingredients vary based on the needs of each product, and you can find a detailed list of the ingredients in each individual product by clicking through to its page, but we can talk about some of the main ingredients and how they help take care of adult skin in particular.


Most of our products contain the active ingredients titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These finely milled minerals are what give the Colorescience range of products an added protection from the sun, by forming a physical barrier between your skin and harmful rays while still feeling as lightweight as anything you've tried before. Check out our SPF 20 Natural Finish Pressed Powder Foundation for an easy replacement to your regular routine if you're new to mineral makeup. It also provides an boost of antioxidants and nourishing botanical ingredients to soothe and protect your skin over time.


To get the most protection from the sun, take a look at one of our sunscreens such as the SPF 50 Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield. This provides broad spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays with zinc oxide, and it's reef-safe so you won't be harming the marine environment with unwanted chemicals.